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P3 Industrial

P3 Industrial

Nano is a unit prefix meaning one billionth.

Imagine if you would, in a concrete mixture that your stone is the universe, the cement is the sun and the colloidal silica, which is a pozzolan, is the earth. That is how small a particle we are talking about that gets pulled into concrete through the capillaries created by bleed water to chemically react with calcium hydroxide to form Calcium Silicate Hydrate which means more complete packing of the mix, creating a less permeable concrete that then becomes more durable.

P3 Industrial (15 year written and transferable warranty)

Protects the concrete throughout the treated area without forming a membrane.

The treated concrete better resists deterioration from biological and environmental attack.

Permeability reduction provides improved resistance to impacts from salts, waste,efflorescence, and carbonation.

Can be used as the protection of choice, part of an overall system for waterproofing exterior concrete, or to treat and condition concrete that will receive breathable coatings or industrial paints. Potential uses include shotcrete, stucco, architectural, and other structures.

Provides permanent concrete protection while also providing improved conditions for concrete performance.

Install any coating 14 days after concrete placement.

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